June 2022


Regular Meeting of the Vestry

 Present:  Bob Blanton, Priest in Charge; Ross Turner (Senior Warden); Austin Onyia (Junior Warden); Bob White; John Lanford; Jennifer Duncan; and Dianne Martin (Clerk)

Call to Order:  Ross called the meeting to order and led the opening prayer at 6:32 P.M.

Approval of Minutes from Last Vestry Meeting: Bob White made a motion to accept the May meeting minutes. Beth seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer Report

The vestry discussed the treasurer’s report that Tommy had provided.  We are holding steady with about 3 months reserve.  Last month we had more expenditures than revenue, which has been true for most months this year.  We hope this trend will reverse so that we don’t run out of money during the year.

Jr. Warden Report

Beth had to get Clinton Refrigeration in to add Freon to the Parish Hall and Education Building air conditioners.  She expects this bill to come to about $1500 when it comes in.

The last Caring for Creation event went well and the clean out of the ditches on the front of the property was accomplished.  The next Caring for Creation event will be this Sunday, June 26, from 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM and will involve cleaning the Stations of the Cross area and picking up sticks on the property.

The light in the women’s restroom needs repair.  Austin and Ross think it is a problem with air conditioning leakage into the light fixture.  Also, there is a water stain on the ceiling.  The leaking needs to be fixed and the light fixture cleaned and checked. The back door to the luncheon area in the Parish Hall does not lock unless closed forcefully.  We will need to install an inside handle to make sure it locks.  Also, Beth will put up a sign to make sure everyone is aware of the problem. There are several outside lights that are not working; Austin and Ross will look into these lights this weekend.

Old Business

Children’s House on Raymond Road Project

Bishop Seage talked with Ricki Christian for 10 to 15 minutes and was very impressed with her plan.  He was unaware that the needed diocesan actions had not be accomplished for the contract for the Children’s House on Raymond Road.  He will send us a copy of a similar agreement that St. Phillips worked up as a template we can use for ours.  Pastor Bob will also send the diocese copies of other documents the diocese needs.

Clean-out and Insulation of Storage Room.

We still need to take care of the insulation and clean-out of the storage room in the Education Building.  Beth will send Deborah Runyan, Linda Waldbauer, and Vicky Donahoe an email to ask if they want anything from the Education Building.

New Business

The Children’s House on Raymond Road

Safe Harbor will be obtaining a sign to go on the Education Building to indicate the location of the preschool.


Austin is interested in having Creator participate in more outreach.  He will be thinking of what that might mean and bring it up at next Vestry Meeting.

Education volunteers needed

Deborah Runyan is interested in having Sunday School for children but would like some others to volunteer as well.  Dianne will reach out to Deborah to volunteer but we will still need two to three others if we are to have it as a once-a-month volunteer opportunity per teacher.  We also have two nursery age children who enjoy each other and would benefit from a nursery so volunteers are needed for a nursery.  Pastor Bob will lead adult Sunday School if we have children’s Sunday School.

The next Vestry Meeting will be held August 15, 2022, 6:30 PM. The meeting was adjourned at 7:07 P.M.


Ross Turner, Senior Warden


Dianne Martin, Clerk of the Vestry