May 2023



Regular Meeting of the Vestry

May 2023

Present:  Bob Blanton (Priest in Charge) Ross Turner (Senior Warden), Austine Onyia (Jr. Warden), Tommy Mills (Treasurer), Beth Braley, Jennifer Duncan, and Dianne Martin (Clerk) 

Call to Order:  Ross called the meeting to order with opening prayer at 6:36 P.M.  

Approval of Minutes from Last Vestry Meeting:  Beth made a motion to accept the April meeting minutes.  Tommy seconded the motion. The motion passed.   

Treasurer Report 

Tommy gave the Treasurer Report.  We had $8,135.61 in expenditures and $9,550.52 in revenue in April resulting in our reserve going to 3.14 months.  

Jr. Warden Report

All three of the fallen trees have been removed and Beth has paid for two of the trees. The third tree will be paid for by the end of the month. There are some lightbulbs which need to be replaced. These were discovered by the electricians doing their work on improving the lighting around the church. More on these items and on stair rail replacement are discussed under the New Business section below.


Old Business

Storage Room Empty-Out and Insulation Schedule

Scouting items have been removed from the storage room.  Beth and Pastor Bob will meet with the 4C’s to have the 4Cs pick up items from the storage room. 

Safe Harbor Status

Pastor Bob has contacted St. James and St. Phillips to see if they have an example rental agreement that we could use in creating a formal agreement with Safe Harbor. He has not yet heard back from St. James or St. Phillips.   Pastor Bob and Ross will meet with Safe Harbor on Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st to discuss the issue.

New Business


Total Tree Removal Expenses

The total amount to be paid for the removal of the three fallen trees comes to about $4200.  Two of the trees have already been paid for.  The third will be paid this month and will be $1400.  Beth is in conversation with Church Mutual on a claim combining the fallen trees and any hail damage we may have had to the roof.


Light Bulb Replacement and Bid to make Electrical Improvements

Ross will work with Austine on replacing the bulbs that need to be done before the electricians can begin their work on the electrical improvements needed to ensure proper lighting around the church.  The cost for the electrical work will be around $5300 and will likely be paid in May.


Stair rail Replacement

Doug George has agreed to make repairs to ensure the stair rail that broke off is fixed.


June and July Worship Schedules

Pastor Bob will be out of town on June 4th for Lutheran Assembly and July 5 through August 4th or 5th on vacation.  We will need to plan on which Sundays we might have Morning Prayer and on which we might have a supply priest.


The next Vestry Meeting will be held June 19, 2023, at 6:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 P.M.



Ross Turner

Senior Warden


Dianne Martin

Clerk of the Vestry