May 2022


Regular Meeting of the Vestry

 Present:  Bob Blanton, Priest in Charge; Beth Braley, Ross Turner (Senior Warden), Isabel Mills, Tommy Mills (Treasurer), John Lanford, Dianne Martin (Clerk), Jennifer Duncan, and Austin Onyia (Junior Warden).

Call to Order:  Ross called the meeting to order and led the opening prayer at 6:33 P.M.  Ross welcomed Austin who has come on board to assist Beth with Jr. Warden responsibilities.

Approval of Minutes from Last Vestry Meeting: Isabel made a motion to accept the April meeting minutes. Tommy seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer Report

Tommy gave the treasurer report. We had $8,243.70 in revenue and $9,894.04 in expense in April resulting in a net loss of $1,650.34 for April.  We have 3.29 months reserve. 

Jr. Warden Report

Beth gave the Jr. Warden report. Jason is spraying the back of the property that we had bushhogged to keep down the growth there.  We paid $225 to have a tree cut down.  Safe Harbor will create a schedule for families to bring supplies needed by the church.  The next Carrying for Creation event will be held May 29th to clean out ditches on the front of the property.

Old Business

Children’s House on Raymond Road Project

We have not heard back from the diocese on what we need to do to about a contract for using our property for the preschool.  Pastor Bob will call and email the diocese to discuss this tomorrow.  We have already started receiving supplies for the preschool.

Clean-out and Insulation of Storage Room.

In addition to taking care of the insulation and clean-out of the storage room, we also need to organize the children’s Sunday school rooms for shared use with the preschool.  Pastor Bob suggested that we work on this as part of the May 29th Carrying for Creation event.

Planning, Set-up, and Clean-up of Pot-Luck Luncheons.

The planning of the potlucks and the coffee/refreshment gatherings needs to be more organized.  We need a means to invite those who would like to help with the various tasks.  We also need a way to track who will perform the various tasks for each event.

 Preschool Sign

The preschool sign was up for a while but currently is not.  They may be parsing out the 10-day extents over a longer time frame.

Repair Creator Exit Sign

Ross has picked up the sign and crossbar.  He will take measurements to determine the post we will need and decide what repair work is required.

New Business

Bishop Seage Visit

Bishop Seage will visit Creator on June 12th.  The vestry will meet with him prior to the worship service.  We will celebrate confirmation and new members.   Rowan Braley, Stone Braley, and Tommy Mills will be confirmed.

The next Vestry Meeting will be held June 20, 2022, 6:30 PM. The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 P.M.

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Dianne Martin                                                   Ross Turner

Clerk of the Vestry                                            Senior Warden