March 2023



Regular Meeting of the Vestry


Present: Bob Blanton (Priest in Charge) Ross Turner (Senior Warden), Beth Braley, John Lanford, Bob White, Jennifer Duncan, and Dianne Martin (Clerk)

Call to Order:  Ross called the meeting to order and led the opening prayer at 6:37 P.M. 

Approval of Minutes from Last Vestry Meeting: Pastor Bob made a motion to accept the February meeting minutes. Bob White seconded the motion. The motion passed.           

Treasurer Report

In Tommy’s absence, Beth led the discussion of the Treasurer Report.  We had $9,634.27 in expenditures and $9,712.00 in revenue in February resulting in our reserve going to 1.99 months.

Jr. Warden Report

In Austin’s absence, Beth led the discussion of the Jr. Warden Report.  We discussed the need to pay Jason to trim limbs and bushes, weed the area around the stations of the cross, and clean off leaves on the roof and above the door of the nave and parish hall.  Ross moved that we approve this expenditure, John seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Beth and Stone cleared out leaves near the bridge and in the ditches.  Beth noticed that the lights near the bridge were not working and noted that they need to be working especially when we have evening services during Holy Week.  Bob and Ross will look into the problem with the lights.

Old Business

Storage Room Empty-Out and Insulation Schedule

Ross took some items home from the Storage Room.  Safe Harbor will move their items into their space in the Parish Hall building.  Beth will contact Goodwill and the 4 C’s this week to have them come and decide what they want and, hopefully, remove all items still remaining in the storage room.  After all items are removed, we will address the need to fix the fallen insulation.

Safe Harbor Status

Safe Harbor wants to have a meeting on a Saturday after Easter with at least 3 representatives from Creator concerning their desire to have us provide them with a formal rental agreement.  Beth will send an email to the diocesean secretary, Peggy Jones, to ask for a standard form for such an agreement and for guidance on how to proceed.  We plan to fill out the standard form and send it back to the diocese for them to check before the meeting with Safe Harbor.  One item that we think may need to be addressed is the amount of insurance Safe Harbor has.  It may need to be increased. We plan to discuss what we want in the agreement at the next vestry meeting on April 17th and then to meet with Safe Harbor on April 29th.

Holy Week and Easter Celebration

We will have Stations of the Cross every day during Holy Week at noon except on Good Friday.  Maundy Thursday service will be at 6:30 PM.  Good Friday services will be noon and 6:30PM.  Mass will be at 10:30 Easter Sunday with fellowship pot luck meal following in the Parish Hall.

New Business

Clean up days

Pastor Bob mentioned  to Ross that we need to have several people take part in clean up days


The next Vestry Meeting will be held April 17, 2023, at 6:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:12 P.M.


Ross Turner

Senior Warden


Dianne Martin

Clerk of the Vestry