March 21, 2022


Regular Meeting of the Vestry


Present: Bob Blanton (Priest in Charge), Ross Turner (Senior Warden), Beth Braley, Tommy Mills (Treasurer), Isabel Mills,  Jennifer Duncan,  John Lanford,  Bob White, and Dianne Martin (Clerk).

Call to Order: Ross called the meeting to order and led the opening prayer at 6:33 P.M.


Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting:  John made a motion to accept the February meeting minutes. Tommy seconded. The motion passed.


Treasurer Report

Tommy gave the treasurer report. We had $2,194.01 more in revenue than we had in expense in February.  This was partially due to some checks being written but not yet cleared.  Even taking those checks into account, we had about $1,000 more in revenue than in expense.  As of the end of February we had $30,595.56 in available funds, which means we have 3.28 months reserve.

Pastor Bob looked into our expenses and the relative use of the facilities by Creator and Safe Harbor.  However, Safe Harbor has already completed their budget.  Therefore, in lieu of asking Safe Harbor for an increase in their donation, Beth said she would like to relay to Safe Harbor ways they could help Creator such as bringing paper towels, toilet paper and/or similar supplies when they have their dinner church once a month and performing tasks needed in maintaining the grounds.  The vestry agreed this is a good idea.

Tommy and Beth talked with Bank Plus and obtained a Visa Debit card for the church for buying supplies. 

Jr. Warden Report

Beth reported we would be having our grass cut on a regular basis since it’s the season for that now. 

Old Business


Children’s House on Raymond Road Project

The variance we requested to locate The Children’s House on Raymond Road preschool program on our property will be reviewed at the City of Clinton Board Meeting tomorrow night (March 22).  Pastor Bob will be in attendance.  He does not foresee any problems.  We have not yet received any direction from the diocese concerning the project.


New Business



We have been pleased with the music provided by Church Music Solutions SOS.  We will pay them $25.00 per worship service.  There are no required number of services to be bought for a church our size.  

Covid Recommendations

We have received a letter from the bishop stating that the common cup may again be offered.

Pastor Bob stated that he would like to drop the requirement for masks but that everyone should feel welcome to wear one if they wish.




John made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Tommy seconded the motion and it passed.  The next meeting will be April 18.  The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.



Dianne Martin

Clerk of the Vestry



Ross Turner

Senior Warden