April 2022


Regular Meeting of the Vestry


Present:  Bob Blanton, Priest in Charge; Beth Braley, Ross Turner (Senior Warden), Tommy Mills (Treasurer), John Lanford, Dianne Martin (Clerk), and Bob White.

Call to Order:  Ross called the meeting to order and led the opening prayer at 6:31 P.M.

Approval of Minutes from Last Vestry Meeting:  John made a motion to accept the March meeting minutes. Tommy seconded. The motion passed.  

Treasurer Report

Tommy gave the treasurer report. We had $2,204.25 more in revenue than we had in expense in March.  This was partially due to a one-time contribution.  As of the end of March we had $33,167.81 in available funds, which means we have 3.55 months reserve.

Jr. Warden Report

Beth has spoken with Shelli Poe, the pastor of Safe Harbor, concerning purchasing some of our needed supplies.  Beth will let Safe Harbor know what is needed and they will bring supplies according to her request once a month.  Also, Safe Harbor will hold an event once a month – Carrying for Creation – in which they will perform maintenance needed on the grounds.  Members of Creator will be invited to help as well.  Safe Harbor would like to increase the amount of money they contribute to Creator when their financial situation improves.

Old Business


Children’s House on Raymond Road Project

The City Council approved the variance for us to house The Children’s House on Raymond Road preschool program on our property.  Ricki Christian wants to put up banner for registration.  The City says banner can only be up 10 days four times a year.  Bob is still in discussion with the city about this.  Will be in line with our sign.  May do it 40 consecutive days.

SOS Service Evaluation

The vestry discussed our use of SOS (Substitute Organist Service). We are all very happy with it.

Holy Week Services

Our Holy Week services were very inspiring.  Bob particularly liked and was edified by the Good Friday service.  It was all done outside.  Shelli had prepared some beautiful prayers for the Stations of the Cross.  We had a fire where we read the solemn prayers of the people.  This was us taking the church out into the world.  We may do something like it next year and possibly use Everyman’s Way of the Cross.

Clean-out and Insulation of Storage Room. 

A lot of insulation has fallen from roof and needs to be put back up.  We need to ascertain what is needed and what to do with those items no longer needed.  Ross will take the lead on organizing a committee to work on this.  We will need to ask some longer attending members about any history certain items may have had with our church.

New Business


Planning, Set-up, and Clean-up of Pot-Luck Luncheons

We would like to get back to having potluck luncheons once a month.  The vestry needs to take charge of organizing the potlucks and also the coffee/refreshment gathering we have after church service each Sunday.

Mothers’ Day Celebration

We will celebrate our graduating seniors and also those women who have meant much to our lives on May 8th.

Repair Creator Exit Sign

The exit sign in our parking lot seems to have been knocked down.  Beth will take pictures of the sign and send them to Ross to help him decide what needs to be done.

The next Vestry Meeting will be held May 16, 2022, 6:30 PM

John moved that we adjourn and Tommy seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 P.M.

Dianne Martin

Clerk of the Vestry

Ross Turner

Senior Warden